Commercial Building Washing

Your business in York, PA, always needs to put its best foot forward. That means presenting a clean, well-maintained exterior to both current and potential customers.

Building washing is a key part of that – no one wants to see dingy bricks and stained concrete when they walk into a store!

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Why Choose Us for Building Washing?

Why go to the expense of paying for commercial building washing when you can just rent a power washer? It can't be that hard – right?

Hold your horses. Here are a few great reasons to work with our seasoned pros.

1. You'll Save Time

A pro team works a lot faster than an amateur can. It might take you a full weekend to clean what we can tackle in a couple of hours.

2. You'll Get a Heads-Up on Building Issues

We're trained professionals who have been pressure washing for years. That expertise means we can spot small cracks and potential trouble spots in your building, helping you to take care of your building before things get expensive.

3. You'll Save Money

Taking care of building pressure washing by yourself can be penny-wise and pound-foolish. When you factor in the cost of your (or an employee's time) along with the materials and risk, hiring a pro can actually save money!

There's no substitute for our professional power washing services. Get in touch today!

The Maryland Pro Wash Difference

We're proud to work in the York, PA, area, serving our loyal customers with top-quality commercial building washing. Our customers are neighbors and friends, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

So what makes us different from other power-washing companies?


We have years of experience in commercial building washing. Pressure washing requires careful control – we can get your property looking 110% without damaging windows or endangering passersby. By working with us, you can keep yourself, your employees, and your customers safe.

Environmentally-Safe Products

We use non-toxic products and detergents. This helps to keep your landscaping, your employees, and your customers safe.

We take our environmental responsibility seriously, and we're always happy to answer questions about our products. Reach out today.


Cheap contractors often scrimp on (or completely skip) insurance. That can leave you holding the bag if damage or injury happens. Maryland Pro Wash carries general liability insurance that keeps you protected.

Don't take a risk by hiring a fly-by-night contractor; get your building pressure washing done professionally.

Customer Satisfaction

Over the years, we've received numerous great customer reviews along with awards from Home Advisor and Angi. We're so proud to be such a valued part of the community.

Customer satisfaction is always our ultimate goal when it comes to commercial building washing.

Preferred Pressure Washer of York, PA

We're a small business and have been part of the York, PA, community for years. Our local knowledge is part of what makes us so good at our jobs.


It depends on the situation, but many companies use heavy-duty chemicals like bleach and hydrochloric acid. At Maryland Pro Wash, though, we're committed to using non-toxic detergents whenever possible. That helps keep our clients and community safe!

Of course, it depends on how much traffic your business receives, but your location should be cleaned at least a few times a year. You should consider it a regular part of building maintenance. 

Size and how dirty the location is are factors. For a building under 3500 square feet, it shouldn't take more than a few hours. Unless you truly have a huge building, a power washing job shouldn't take more than a day.

Anywhere from around 1500 PSI to over 3000 PSI, depending on the material. That's a lot of pressure, and things can get dangerous, which is why hiring a professional for building pressure washing is so important.

We typically use 120-240 gallons an hour, though the exact amount varies from job to job. Don't worry about getting stuck with the water bill, though- we bring our own supply in the truck!


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