Professional pressure washing services are an efficient approach to maintaining the exterior aesthetic and lifespan of your house or business building. It’s a fantastic method to eliminate dirt, filth, and other junk that might build up over time.
Ready to schedule a pressure washing service and restore the aesthetic of your property? There are a few things you need to know beforehand to prepare best. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Properly Seal Your Home

Double-checking that all windows and doors are securely closed is among the crucial things our professional crews recommend before they come out to service a home. Particularly those on higher stories that tend to be left open.
Doing this will prevent flooding or damage to your house or business property caused by water and cleaning products entering through openings.

2. Ensure Children and Pets Are Inside

Ensure that no kids or pets are outside playing. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep children and pets indoors where it’s safe and comfortable — the equipment used might be noisy and frighten them.
In doing so, mishaps like a child or pet coming too close to the equipment are less likely, reducing the chances of them hurting themselves physically or getting exposed to toxic equipment fumes.

3. Locate Your External Water Source

The last thing you need on washing day is to find that your external water supply needs to get fixed. Most of the time, the source is a spigot outside your property. The water supply to which the pressure cleaning equipment will attach should be simple to reach and in working condition.

4. Remove Any Obstacles

It’s best to clear the working area of any obstructions before the pressure washing procedure starts. This includes:
• Furniture
• Decorations
• Potted Plants
• Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
• Barbecue Grills
• Outdoor Toys and Equipment
This step minimizes trip hazards and allows for better maneuverability on your property. Additionally, it’s wise to cover any delicate plants or flowers you can’t move because even the low pressure of soft washing techniques will be hard on the fragile foliage.

5. Move Your Vehicles Out of the way

Moving your vehicles out of the way guarantees that pressure washing equipment can easily access all sections of your property and that your cars won’t get damaged.
Suppose you don’t have a driveway or garage. In that case, an alternative could be to rent a parking spot or temporarily store your cars at a friend’s or relative’s place.
Consider moving the following:
• Cars
• Trucks
• Boats
• RVs
• Bikes
• Scooters

6. Unplug Outside Extension Cords and Close the Outlet Covers

Close all outlet covers and unhook external extension cables before scheduling a service day. It will prevent any electrical sources from accidentally coming into contact with high-pressure water, which could result in damage or even a fire. Remember to disconnect any outside lighting or equipment.

7. Let Your Neighbors Know

Notifying your neighbors before the loud process of pressure washing your home is a friendly gesture that will most likely get appreciated. It lessens the likelihood of any misunderstandings or noise-related complaints.
Furthermore, it’s a good idea to provide neighbors with the day and the general time of the service so that they can plan their busy days accordingly.

8. Leave a Contact Number

It’s crucial to come up with a contact number or two if you hire a professional pressure cleaning company. It guarantees crews can contact you for any accidents, problems, or inquiries during the service.
Provide phone numbers that you or a close family member or friend can answer. And confirm your availability to take calls at the time of service.

9. Commercial Properties Should Also Do the Following

There are some additional precautions businesses should take before scheduling pressure washing services to ensure everything goes as planned.
Here are some things to remember:
• Ensure you inform every employee and tenant of any upcoming pressure washing. It will lessen interruptions and guarantee that everyone is ready for the procedure.
• Remove any signage or machinery that may get damaged by the pressure. It covers outdoor manufacturing equipment, advertising, and other ornaments.
• If feasible, plan pressure cleaning when there are fewer visitors. Doing so minimizes any effect the washing causes on daily activities and makes the cleaning procedure more effective.
• Be sure the pressure washing company has access to all relevant parts of the property by coordinating with them. It can entail finding a parking space for their car or clearing and setting up access to specific sections of the facility.
By following these measures, commercial property owners may guarantee that their pressure washing services get carried out swiftly and effectively while causing minimal disturbance to regular business activities.

What is “Soft Wash”?

At Maryland Pro Wash, we pressure wash the outside of your house or business using a method called “Soft Wash.” This approach successfully cleans and sanitizes your home’s exterior without causing harm by combining low-pressure, secure cleaning methods with biodegradable cleaning agents.
In addition, this technique is a requirement by many siding manufacturers to protect the integrity of your siding and not ruin your warranty.
And keep in mind that it is always preferable to leave pressure washing to the experts over DIY. They know what is required to clean materials without harming them.

Relax and Hire The Professionals

Getting ready for pressure washing services might seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these tips, homeowners and business property owners may guarantee that their scheduled service date runs smoothly, causing minimal disturbance to regular neighborhood and business activities.
Maryland Pro Wash has years of expertise offering professional pressure washing services to homes and owners of commercial property in the Mid-Atlantic. Our highly trained professionals clean your property using state-of-the-art tools and methods.
Contact Maryland Pro Wash right away to arrange for pressure cleaning services. Let us handle the labor-intensive tasks so you can kick back and relax!