Pool Deck Cleaning

Keeping your pool deck clean is the best way to ensure a safe and fun summer. Pressure washing can help to remove the mold, mildew, and sunscreen that build up on your deck and cause slips and falls.
No matter the season, maintaining the look and integrity of your patio is an essential aspect of pool ownership. Keeping the area clean is good for the longevity of the decking and for keeping users safe.
Maryland Pro Wash is the pool deck cleaning company of choice for York, PA. We'll keep your poolside surfaces pressure washed to maintain clean walkways and avoid degrading decking from mold buildup.
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Stain Reversal and Grime Cleanup

Our York, PA, pressure washing teams are pros at identifying stains and removing them completely for the beauty of your poolside.
Common home cleaning products generally don't completely clean poolside stains. We use special solvents along with special pressure washer brushes to effectively remove the toughest stains and residue buildup on cement and wooden pool decks.

DIY Cleaning Can Lead to Pool Deck Damage

Cleaning pool decking on your own without specialized chemicals and techniques used by professionals can take lots of time and may not successfully remove grime or algae.
Furthermore, using a pressure washer is difficult and dangerous without the proper training and expertise. Improper pressure washer use can cause cracking in brittle decking paint or materials, may strip the deck paint, and can cause deck stain or sealant damage. You risk damaging your property or even hurting yourself.
Decking requires specialized care, and our pressure washing professionals are trained in how to properly and efficiently clean and maintain poolside patios of any material. Our experts will recommend the safest washing chemicals for your decking materials. Reach out for a free quote to learn more!


Pool decks should be cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of mildew, algae, bacteria, chemicals, and grime from use and the elements. Dirt and grime make poolside decking unsightly, dangerous to walk on, and susceptible to degradation. 
However, garden hoses and generic detergents aren't strong enough to clean your deck effectively.
Our professional pressure washers use soft or power washing to thoroughly clean any wood or concrete deck. We can also clean your pool patio furniture to maintain your pool's sparkle to the very last detail. Get a free quote to learn more!

We recommend cleaning your pool's decking every two to three months if it's used daily. If you only use your patio for half the year, you should maintain a biannual deck cleaning routine.
However, the following conditions may necessitate more frequent cleanings:
Your pool is surrounded by trees
You live in areas with polluted air, such as near the beach or the city
You live in a climate where storms are common
You live in an area that receives lots of snow
If you only use your pool in the summer, one cleaning per year is sufficient to keep algae growth and grime buildup at bay.

At Maryland Pro Wash, we typically use soft washing to clean concrete pool decks. That way, the surface gets thoroughly cleaned without risking damage to the pavers or sealants. Reach out for a quote or to request more information!

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Visible and invisible grime buildup can lead to the degradation of the deck and challenge the safety of your visitors. Keep your pool's decking sparkling like new by maintaining its cleanliness with professional pressure washing services from Maryland Pro Wash!
Our pressure washing professionals are available for cleaning services in York, PA, and the surrounding areas.
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