Residential Patio Cleaning

Whether your patio is made of concrete, pavers, or bricks, it's a well-loved place to entertain family, friends, and guests under beautiful York, PA, skies.
It's a place to fire up the grill for a summer barbecue or unwind in the hot tub after a hard day's work.
But spitting grease and spilled wine cause stains on your hardscaping, kids, and pets track mud across it, and the constant onslaught of the ever-changing York, PA weather results in microorganisms like mold and algae forming dark and slick patches on it. Before long, your patio is an eyesore.
We are the highest-rated pressure washing company in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. We have an average 4.9/5 rating from well over 3000 delighted customers, and now we're in your area!

Why a Bad Paver Cleaning Service Is Worse Than None

Hardscaping that's stained by dirt or covered in mold doesn't just look ugly. It's also a slipping hazard to people walking across it. Moreover, biological growth eats away at the surface.
Our experienced team at Maryland Pro Wash uses the appropriate soft-washing pressure and environmentally-friendly cleaning compounds for paver cleaning on outdoor areas of any size.

Pressure Washing Isn't a DIY Job

Many people assume that patio cleaning is one of those jobs you can do yourself with a hired pressure washing unit to save money. Or that it doesn't matter which power washing company you hire to do patio cleaning. After all, your patio is made of tough material, right?
But the truth about concrete and paver cleaning in York, PA, is that it's easy to use the wrong tip, hold it too close to the surface, or blast your hardscaping with too much pressure. Hardscaping seems invulnerable, as if you could hit it with maximum pressure and blast all that grime and slime away, leaving you with beautiful, pristine concrete or bricks. But this durability is an illusion.

Book With Maryland Pro Wash To Avoid Costly Mistakes

Using too much pressure creates pits or lines all over pavers and disperses the jointing sand, leaving gaps for weeds to grow. Even concrete patios can sustain damage from amateur or over-enthusiastic blasting. Because concrete carries on curing for years after being thrown, slabs less than a year old are especially vulnerable to power-washing damage.
Don't risk substandard paver cleaning – contact Maryland Pro Wash for the professional touch!

The Maryland Pro Wash Difference

At Maryland Pro Wash, we use soft washing (a low-pressure washing technique that won't hurt your pavers) with industry-leading biodegradable detergents. Your York, PA, patio will end up sparkling clean, free of microorganisms, and with an undamaged surface.
But we're not only good at cleaning. We offer excellent customer service too, and thousands of five-star reviews testify to that. We communicate with you from when you contact us until you are satisfied with the work we've done.
Our guys arrive on time and do a thorough job swiftly and efficiently. All of them are friendly, professional, and experienced at paver cleaning.
You're probably thinking that service this good doesn't come cheap. But we promise you'll love our prices.

Maryland Pro Wash Answers FAQs About Patio Cleaning

As a seasoned power washing company, we hear some questions over and over from our customers. Maybe you've asked these questions yourself.

Does a Patio Add to the Resale Value of Your Home?

Installing a patio increases your home's resale value, with most sellers netting around 110 percent return on their investment. If you own a patio, it makes sense to look after this asset to your home by getting us to do regular paver cleaning.

How Does Soft Washing Work?

Soft washing first puts water and detergents onto the surface to be cleaned and lets it sit there for the correct length of time. The detergents are then rinsed off with low-pressure water.

Why Do Power Washing Companies Offer Hot Water Cleaning?

Every cleaning company uses hot water for some jobs because it kills microbes like algae and cuts grease (such as from a barbecue).

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Protect your guests and family from dangerous accidents, prevent the corrosive effects of fungi, mold, and algae from wrecking the surface, and feel proud of the state of your patio. Our patio cleaning services are at your disposal.
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