Is your home’s exterior looking dull and worn? This spring, the best thing you can do is kick off your cleaning early with professional pressure washing.

A top-to-toe house washing makeover will make a world of difference to your home and its curb appeal. Concrete cleaning will transform your driveway and patio. Roof cleaning will make your home sparkle as the sun comes out.

Maryland Pro Wash will do it all.

We offer the finest pressure washing services so your home can stand out in the neighborhood this spring. We can handle all your exterior cleaning needs at a superb price – let’s get started.

House & Siding

Caring for your home is more than just about what’s inside – looking after the outside of your house is super important. It deals with harsh weather throughout winter, and dirt and grime build up over time.

Maryland Pro Wash offers regular cleaning of your house and siding, ensuring your home is cared for. Our team uses their house-washing expertise to determine the best pressure levels for your home’s exterior, so any delicate fixtures or surfaces will be safe as we work.

Driveway & Concrete

Pressure washing your driveway removes dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and hard-to-get stains. While DIY cleaning can get some of the worst, the best option is to call the professionals for concrete cleaning.

Our pressure-washing professionals will use state-of-the-art equipment to give your driveway a new lease on life. Concrete cleaning requires methodical attention from professionals using the best cleaning products.

It’s best to hire an expert team to assess the best process: from the cleaning product type needed to the appropriate pressure level.

Deck & Fence

When was the last time you had your deck and fence pressure washed? We know it’s easy for them to get dirty and stained, so cleaning your deck and fence effectively and regularly is essential. This also prevents the buildup of mold and mildew.

A professional cleaning will extend your fence’s life and prevent stains from building up.

Patio Cleaning

If your patio looks slightly drab and you’re looking to entertain friends and family over a barbecue, don’t worry – our professional pressure washing will clean it right up.

Dust and dirt run-off will stain your patio over time. We can cut through those streaks and restore your patio slabs or pavers to their original condition, giving you a sparkling surface to entertain your guests this spring!

Roof Cleaning

Taking care of your roof extends its lifespan and keeps your home looking fresh. The team at Maryland Pro Wash offers professional roof cleaning services, including pressure washing and soft washing, to freshen up your home and let it sparkle in the spring sunshine!

Don’t forget roof cleaning as part of your spring makeover – schedule an appointment now!

Brick Cleaning

The best way to have your bricks cleaned is to call in a concrete cleaning expert. Our local professionals use the best technology and proven techniques to clean your home’s exterior.
We’ll remove all unwanted dirt and restore your brickwork to its original beauty. Boost your home’s curb appeal by scheduling a service!

Commercial Services

Want to get your business in top shape before spring? Our concrete cleaning and roof cleaning services are just what you need.

Make your commercial premises more attractive to customers by keeping your property’s exterior sparkling clean. Maryland Pro Wash is here to help.

Why Should You Have Your Home Spring Cleaned?

Keeping your home in great shape doesn’t just make it stand out in the neighborhood – it helps it last longer. Our roof cleaning service cuts through moss and lichen that grow on your roof, trapping acidic water and eating away at the surfaces. Meanwhile, our concrete cleaning surfaces prevent grease from building up and staining your driveway permanently.

Here’s how professional house washing can benefit your home.

1. Reduces Damage

Your home and roof can suffer long-term damage when you let grime and dirt build up on its exterior surfaces. Organic growth builds up, traps rain, and degrades your home’s structure slowly. Pressure washing can lift the dirt, grime, and accumulated substances away and stop any damage before it causes long-term damage.

2. Increases Your Curb Appeal

It’s easy to forget how much looks matter when it comes to the outside of your home. If you’re considering selling your home, curb appeal matters.

Whether you’re looking to sell or not, it’s a great feeling when your home stands out in the neighborhood!

3. Reduces Common Pests

Regular house washing reduces the likelihood of pests and insects seeing a good place to start a home. Pests favor dirty surroundings, so mice and rats may see an opportunity if your driveway and concrete surfaces are covered in dirt and debris.

Insects are also attracted to areas that don’t receive regular care. Avoid ant and wasp infestations by scheduling frequent house washing!

4. Saves Energy

Pressure washing is much faster and more effective than manual cleaning. This reduces the amount of water and energy you need to clean your home.

Where a manual operation could take days, pressure washing can be as fast as thirty minutes.

5. TLC For Your Home

Our homes must withstand all sorts of weather and are built to last. However, without regular maintenance, the lifespan of your home will be much shorter.

Regular pressure washing will ensure that your home doesn’t prematurely decay. Pressure washing can prevent the build-up of mold, which degrades your home’s exterior and can be extremely harmful if it gets into your interior spaces.

Prep Your Home For Spring!

Regular house cleaning is the best way to protect your home and roof. It’s the best way to check for moss, mold, algae, or pests that could damage your home’s structure.

Maryland Pro Wash is the pressure washing service you need to keep your home looking 100%. Reach out for a quote and prepare your home to welcome the fine spring weather today!