Deck and Fence Cleaning

Your decks and fences get exposed to dirt, pollution, pollen, and moisture every day. Eventually, you will start to notice the effects that this exposure has on your wood decks and fences. The fence may look dingy in some areas. Mildew may start to grow in the dark corners of your deck.

Deck & fence cleaning from our professional crews eliminates these and other problems so you can enjoy the beauty that your decks and fences had when they were new.

Benefits of Fence & Deck Cleaning

Residential deck and fence cleaning does more than remove dirt from your home’s wood surfaces. Many of our repeat clients say that they prefer professional deck and fence cleaning because it:

  • Increases the lifespan of wood by eliminating mildew, moss, and other fungi.
  • Prevents stains that can make wood look unattractive.
  • Improves the safety of their decks and stairs.
  • Removes spiderwebs, nests, and other signs of pests.

We constantly improve our approach to give all of our clients the most effective deck and fence cleaning services.

Our Fence & Cleaning Process

The crews that work at Maryland Pro Wash have access to the latest pressure washing equipment. Our professional pressure washing equipment lets us control the amount of pressure that we use during projects. That means we can clean your decks and fences without damaging the wood.

We can also use non-toxic detergents when tackling difficult projects that don’t respond to pressure washing. We choose safe detergents to protect the health of your family, pets, plants, and property.

When we leave, you won’t believe how much better your fence and deck look!

Get a Free Quote From Maryland Pro Wash

Contact us today to get a free quote for the deck and fence cleaning services that you need. We’ll call you promptly to get more details about the services you need, give you an accurate quote, and help you schedule a convenient day and time for our crew to visit.

We’re a fully insured, licensed business that aims to exceed expectations. Companies with less experience may not have the insurance or knowledge needed to clean wood surfaces without causing damage. Why risk damaging your property when you can get professional services at affordable rates from Maryland Pro Wash?