Concrete exteriors of commercial buildings are gradually coated with pollutants and stains through prolonged exposure to traffic and damaging environmental effects. Over time, the facade of your property will begin to wear out from the effects of discoloration and corrosion resulting in the need of commercial concrete cleaning.

It is important to hire a team of professional cleaning experts in keeping the concrete surfaces of your properties safe and spotless through with routine cleaning & maintenance.

 Concrete Cleaning Methods

Specialized concrete cleaning can extend the life of your structures while maintaining a safe environment for all occupants and visitors by removing harmful pollutants. Concrete cleaning may be applied to commercial areas such as storefronts, park walkways, museum facades, and retail plazas.

 Maryland Pro Wash

Maryland Pro Wash is a licensed specialist in commercial concrete cleaning and one of the leading experts within the state, equipped with powerful tools to eliminate the dirt and grime from your walkways, walls, and stairs in no time.

 Environmentally Friendly

We utilize biodegradable cleaning compounds that meet the latest industrial standards. We value the environment and only use cleaning chemicals that are free of toxic agents.

 Specialized Equipment

Our experts use the latest pressure washing tools to administer gentle cleaning on delicate concrete areas while adjustable nozzles enable a convenient switch for increased pressure when dealing with stubborn stains.

Restore Aesthetics

Aside from removing all traces of dirt, grime, dust, and mildew, we also provide non-toxic treatments in coating concrete surfaces with a look of freshness. We believe in restoring the concrete property to the point that it looks as good as new. Consider this our mission and assurance to our valued customers.

Visit our website for a free quote and assessment of your unique commercial cleaning needs. Maryland Pro Wash will restore your concrete structures to their best appearance.