With the holidays coming up, you may find some free time to take care of loose ends around your house. As the cold weather sets in, it can be difficult to tell if house washing is a good idea.
At Maryland Pro Wash, we’re accustomed to working in all seasons to keep our neighbors’ houses clean and sparkling. Here are some things to consider when booking pressure washing services for your house this winter.

Temperature Matters

House washing is only possible at temperatures of 40 degrees and above. Check the weather forecast ahead of time and avoid booking services during the coldest weeks of the year.

Should You DIY It?

Pressure washers start at 3100 PSI. It may be helpful to translate that to other scales to understand what you’re working with. The jet of water from a washer can cut through skin and cause extensive internal injuries.
The best thing you can do is let professionals at Maryland Pro Wash handle the job.

Is Winter Washing Possible?

The short answer is yes, but you need professionals who know how to do the job safely and correctly to avoid freezing your house.
There are countless pressure washer-related injuries yearly, so hiring Maryland Pro Wash is a wise move instead of renting the equipment yourself.

The Essential Steps Of Winter Washing

There are extra precautions your Maryland Pro Wash technician will take to ensure your house gets washed safely in low temperatures.
First, they’ll de-ice the surfaces around your house so the runoff doesn’t freeze your driveway or patio. They’ll also use hotter water than usual to avoid freezing the side of your home.
Finally, they’ll use more chemicals since pressure washing compounds tend not to function as well in cold weather.

Stay Safe and Consult With an Expert

Fulfill your house washing needs the safe way this winter by hiring Maryland Pro Wash. We look forward to serving you!